Persian cat "Matahari"


Friday, July 31, 2009

Doll-Faced persian cat "Matahari"- "Prototype of evolution of the Doll-faced breed"

I had purchased kitten matahari from Mumbai's famous "Crawford market" at a cost of Rs 14,000 (US $350 approx) a queens ransom for cats in India. Ironically, her predecessor "Trixie", an "albino/Siamese mix" kitten was given to me free by a "Crawford Market Petshop owner" as she was on the verge of death, hence i adopted her and the rest they say is "Pet History". I have made a separate blog on "Trixie" which lived with us for 12 years(1995-2007) and after her death i purchased kitten matahari at a real luxurious price and she has also developed into a fine specimen.She grew up beautifully and her photographs have been put onto "Wikimedia commons" under "Persian cats", the same have been used by "world photo media" for various captions.
A "POSTER CARD PHOTO" of Matahari removed in the building garden which was "Plagiarized".

"KITTEN MATAHARI'S PHOTO PLAGIARIZED ON INTERNET" :-I was aghast and confused on seeing this photo of Queen cat matahari appearing under the name"snowycat" downloaded by author "Unionmaminia", the same being used in "Wikipedia commons" photos , also as a "Model" in Wikipedia Encyclopedia description of "Traditional Persian Cats".
This particular photograph of "Matahari" was taken as a 9 month old kitten in our building garden of"Vaibhav apartments,Mumbai" in February 2008, one of the most beautiful , photogenic photos of an animal that i have taken in my "Amateur photography hobby".I use the word "AMATEUR" for the simple reason that i have never sold a photograph for monetary benefit  contributing most to the "Wikipedia commons" for updating the "Wikipedia Encyclopedia", the most popular encyclopedia.
This particular photo of "Kitten Matahari" must have been downloaded from one of my other websites, most probably from my "Yahoo Groups website photos on "Persian Cats " titled "Matahari, a queens ransom" , the same later plagiarized without any credit to the "Original author"!
Most of my "Wikimedia commons" photos have been used by other authors for various articles, always crediting me with being the "Author" of the particular photograph.
I am basically a traveler/Photographer/ blogger who combines photography with narratives , descriptions or debates.Most of my World-Wide travel photographs are in "Digital form" in "Wikipedia Commons" for usage by other authors , less traveled, and also as "Encyclopedia education" on various topics.Have personally written numerous blogs on controversial taboo topics as well as universal subjects, including nature conservation and pet welfare.
This has been the first instance where someone has "Robbed" my "Intellectual property rights" and has also used it as a "Encyclopedia model" under a different name. Either "Matahari' has an "Identical Duplicate" whose owner clicked the photograph in the same manner that i did in February 2008, or, its blatant infringement on "Intellectual property rights".
Every artist, author or owner likes to be appreciated for their contribution to any work and hence blatant"Copying" or "Duplicating" without acknowledgement to the "original author" is a crime on the "Internet".A minor solace is that "Duplication" of an "Original" is the greatest form of tribute to the "Original author", but, a mention of the "Original Author" is essential.
   Have used  “Youtube” for demystifying the myth that "Doll faced Persian Cats" require the ultimate luxury to be kept as pets in hot humid climatic conditions ,typical in Mumbai City. I am now blogging down my “video texts” and notes of doll-faced Persian cat Matahari for the benefit of cat fanciers and “pet hobbyists”. Photographs of “Cat Matahari” from “kitten-hood” to her present day have been displayed for fanciers to make their own opinion as also the photo’s of her “Kittens”. Persian cat Matahari has lived her life in "Non-A/C temperatures" and yet produced a superb coat upto the kitten-hood age of 8 to 10 months after which she shed her "under-coat".Persian cat " Matahari was mated for the first time at  the age  of one and a half years  between January 21 and 23 with a male stud cat from Crawford market .Breeder and pet dealer Mr Imran Khan from whose pet-shop i purchased her as a kitten on 21 August 2007 lent me his stud male cat for breeding with matahari.. Here is an account of the trouble and risks that i undertook in finding a mate and later mating her to the "stud cat".To date matahari is approx 1 year and seven months old and very much in need of a mate as indicated by her "Suicidal romps" during the "Heat season".I had contacted numerous people for a "tomcat" to the extent of even having ideas of mating her with a normal stray cat just to get her into a normal feline behavior.Finally managed to get a huge "Tomcat" from the Crawford Market breeder Mr Imran Khan from whom i purchased her as a kitten. I brought Mr tomcat home on Wednesday(21-1-2009) in a cage fastened to the pillion seat of my motorcycle, an adventurous ride of approx 15 kms from Crawford market  to my house in Prabhadevi  in  peak Mumbai traffic.My skills as a motorcyclist was tested to the maximum.Mr Tomcat was initially kept in Matahari's cage with Matahari left loose in the house gallery and the gallery isolated from the rest of our house.Initially Matahari totally repulsed the advances of Mr Tomcat and i was worried that Matahari had become totally domesticated to "Human touch" akin to late "Trixie"and hence repelling her own species and mistaking us to be her "Mates", totally unfit for breeding!After a few hours and with both in isolation mingling in the gallery matahari finally allowed Mr tomcat to mount her and i was relieved that my efforts had at least yielded a result.The rest is left to destiny and fate as this is her first mating and also my first experience of breeding cats since i previously owned dogs and "Trixie? my previous cat proved unfit for breeding due to her total isolation and non-mingling with cats, one of the handicaps of hand reared pets . Temporarily converting the gallery of my small one bedroom flat into a "Cattery" for mating 'matahari" proved educational as well as productive."Tomcat" never rested nor ate much but was just busy either trying to mount "Matahari" or in the process of mounting her, worse than a "stud mouse".Hope his efforts prove successful and kittens are born from the conjugation. On Saturday(24-1-2009) i packed off  " Stud tomcat" in his "cat box" back to the pet-shop at Crawford market on my motorcycle  after keeping him for approximately 3 days in the gallery along with Matahari.Having bred dogs,mice and pigeons at home, i feel, breeding cats is the most difficult of the lot and a large "Cat-house" is essential for breeding. The alternative is akin  to "Professional pet breeders", total confinement  to small cages throughout their lives for breeding purposes only and never as a house pet. Matahari seems not to have changed at all after being in a mating frenzy with tomcat for almost two and half days.On Sunday(25-1-2009) she again did her "Heat behaviour", rolling and purring, also lifting her rear when being patted and the soft purr.Later, when she was alone she went out of the bedroom window and sat on the narrow widow ledge coming into the house only on my searching and calling out for her.Hope the mating was successful because she hasn't changed at all which baffles me since i have never bred cats before and funnily ,cats are similar to their arch enemies "Mice" in the manner they mate.Nature is very strange and always surprises us humans.The swelling of Matahari's stomach is obvious after approx 26 days although she is as active as before with the usual tendency of trying to get out of the house gallery and windows, This death defying habit of hers hasn't vanished after mating since i actually specifically got her mated for this reason, thinking she was in search of a male cat when in "Heat".Seems some pets have peculiar habits which are absolutely difficult to cure, only hope Matahari's dangerous romps on the window sills doesn't claim her life some day.Otherwise she is one of the most intelligent pets i have owned, akin to a dog in behavior and very loving and affectionate.affectionate belly has swelled considerably and she has also become a ravishing eater unlike before when she had to be pampered to eat her food.She sleeps most of the time and loves her bosses 'Computer chair' since i made her an "Internet feline star". Her photo's from "Wikimedia commons(Public Domain" are a big hit on "World photos.com" and she has been used as the "Poster cat" for the news on the demise of former U.S President Mr Bill.Clinton's cat "Socks" on Tuesday(24-2-2009).Her "Poster Photos" have also been used for "Safe Gardens", "Cat killers" "Cat products".She akin to an actress has portrayed negative and positive characters of the domestic cats. Nearing delivery, as on Thursday(19-3-2009)Cat Matahari's stomache has swelled to a huge size, something i haven't seen in normal domestic cats. Having a dense fur coat could be the reason for her very large stomache protrusion.Her appetite has also increased tremendously, large amounts of a mixture of rice/ minced meat/ chicken liver. She also has increased her water intake which was not a natural habit prior to pregnancy.Her bowel habits too have become irregular and she defecates almost after every meal.Otherwise she is very normal in her behavior only less movements due to the obvious facts.Strangely, she hasn't lost her bad habits of peeping out of the window sills nor jumping and sitting on the balcony ledge.She is expected to deliver somewhere around 25/26 March 2009 and i would become a "GODFATHER" of one of my pets since i am unmarried and single, hence can also devote a lot of my time and energy towards the upkeep and maintenance of my "Non-human Pet Children". I am worried as Matahari has reached 64 days since being first mated with the male and yet is showing no signs of whelping.She is totally normal in her other habits and her appetite has doubled after mating.There is no undue vaginal discharge indicating that the kittens are still healthy internally but what is confusing is that she is not showing any signs of whelping.I had lost one of my prized Dachshund bitch,"Lucky" due to delivery complications in the 1990's and i hope cat "Matahari" is not a victim of delivery complications.I intend waiting for another 2 days and then taking her to the vet to confirm whether the kittens are still-born and hence a Cesarean.Hope everything turns fine as otherwise she is not showing any signs of ill-health.Only pet owners understand the love and devotion of their pets as well as their upkeep, much more than bringing up a human child. Persian cat Matahari delivered 6 live kittens on Sunday(29-3-2009) between 0800 hrs and 1100hrs in my house in Mumbai.This was her first mating and she got me worried by not delivering even after 65 days and just a day before i was to take her to the "Veterinarian Hospital" she delivered right in the centre of our hall with me and my house-keeper Sabina Dias helping her calm down during the "Birth Contractions".She delivered after a gestation of 67 days, the longest for cats of the “Persian breed”.She delivered 6 kittens whose delivery i assisted by severing the umbilical cords since she was too confused to do the same, just dropping the kittens onto the house floor. All 6 kittens matured into kitten-hood and are 59 days old ,brought up under natural conditions.Their photographs as well as Queen cat's Matahari can be viewed on "Wikipedia commons" under "Persian cats" as well as in the "Search engines" under "Cat Matahari".
Sunday(25-1-2014):- The Favourite  resting place in the house for the cats.
                                                                                                                                                      Today, in 2009 cat "Matahari" is 2 years old, the mother of 6 kittens delivered after a record 67 days gestation .Bizarrely, the entire physique and behaviour of cat matahari has changed after delivery and weaning of her kittens.Post delivery of her kittens on 29-3-2009 Queen Cat Matahari has become as slim and energetic as a wild cat.Her complete loss of her kitten long fur and her long legs has made her resemble a mixture of a "Short Hair Exotic Persian" and a wild cat. I have nick-named her "white leopard cat' due to her unbelievable agility and turn of foot while running within the house and playing with kitten "Matata".She has this bad habit of sitting on the house gallery window ledge and view the world below from the 5th floor, something i dread since a fall from there could be instant death. Matahari has been pampered and has a taste for her own exotic menu of chicken liver with rice, refusing to eat food if given minced meat occasionally, unlike her kitten "Matata", a total glutton who consumes any edible food and has to be prevented from "Over-Eating". Another bad habit of cat Matahari is her urination on the bed when in "heat", something she repeats with regular frequency, even before she was mated and now even after delivery and weaning of her kittens.She has lost her entire undercoat fur and resembles a short hair exotic persian cat.Her eating habits too have become more diverse, previously being very fussy and had to be pampered like a child for food.I have produced a documentary series of video's on Persian cat Matahari’s breeding and upkeep on
If Rudolph.A.Furtado can breed "Doll-Faced Persian Kittens" of "International breed standards" in a small apartment in Mumbai(531 Sq Ft size one bedroom flat) so also can any other cat fanciers .Yes, it  only  requires dedication, patience ,luck and a genuine love for animals and animal welfare.
THE TYPICAL PERSIAN ARISTOCRATIC CAT LIFE AT THE OWNERS COST ! Cat Matahari at her best location in the house in Mumbai.

REMEMBER ,PETS ARE ALWAYS NON-JUDGMENTAL UNLIKE OUR FELLOW HUMANS,HENCE,THE GREATEST NATURAL 'STRESS BUSTERS'.Doll Faced Persian cat "Matahari" who was a picturesque kitten model has strangely and bizarrely evolved into a Turkish Angora type feline at age 2 and post delivery of 6 kittens.A photograph for comparisons between "Traditional Persian Cats(Doll Faced)" of the same "Genetic Line" is reproduced for "Cat Fanciers" interested in "Cat Genetics". In Mumbai(India), cats are just kept as pets with no "PEDIGREE CERTIFICATES" to attest their "PEDIGREE" unlike "Dogs".The above photograph taken on Saturday(3-10-2009) in the house kitchen shows Matahari at 2 1/2 years old with her brown kitten "Matata" at 6 months of age, sitted on a table and chair, hence comparable. "Matata" at 6 months of age resembles a "True Traditional Persian" with a long body and short stubby legs.Matahari at 2 1/2 years of age resembles more of the "Turkish Angora" than a "Traditional Persian Cat" mix weighing 4 kilos(8.9 pounds), with longer legs and better climbing agility.Her kitten "Matata" is not as agile due to his short stature and different body configuration, although he is "Hyperactive" and more of a dog than a cat in mannerisms and behaviour!Is the physical difference of Matata compared to his 5 other siblings a result of "Recessive Genes"? I have read a book on "Cat Genetics" called "Colourpoint Longhair and Himalayan cats" by S.M.Manton F.R.S written in 1971 and hence "Outdated" in 2009.The evolution of certain "cat breeds" including the "Traditional(doll faced) Persian Cat" as detailed in the 1971 book of Mr S.M.Manton has today evolved into the "Flat-faced Persian cat" as recognized by the World-wide Cat Fanciers association. Could some cat fanciers please explain the freak colour and physical difference between Queen Cat Matahari and her kitten "Matata"? Could anyone explain this complete transformation from a pretty long-furred doll-faced Persian into a rugged tough leopard-like feline with short fur? Her eating habits have also changed after mating and delivery of her 6 kittens, being an excellent queen cat to her kittens.Agreed, the Persian cat is actually a mixture of various breeds, most notably, the Turkish Angora cat, hence most doll faced Persians have long legs and slender body's similar to Turkish Angoras.Among the 6 kittens, only Matata, has developed into a pure Doll-faced Persian, having the short stubby legs and clumsy walk, typical of Persian cats hence proving the fact that various Cross-breedings have evolved.In this photograph, "Cat Matahari" is shown with the pendant claw of a lion, once common curio's in Africa up to the 1980's when wild-life was abundant and hunting was an elite hobby and not a criminal offense leading to extinction.Will the future of "Big Cats" be in the form of ownership of pet exotic cats like "Matahari"? SAVE WILD-LIFE ITS NATURAL ENVIRONMENT.LETS KEEP PETS AT HOME AND WILD-LIFE IN THE FORESTS,BOTH ARE AT THE MERCY OF US HUMANS. Queen Cat Matahari's suicidal behaviour of sitting on the balcony ledge when in "Heat" is something unexplainable and bizarre to us humans.Its just over 2 months since she delivered her set of 6 kittens of which "Matata", a male and the first born of the litter has been kept by me , while 2 of the kittens were given to the male stud owner Mr Imran.Khan as is the normal agreement in "Cat breeding Rights".. I sold the rest of the 3 white kittens to the pet shop owner Mr Imran.Khan at Rs 4000(Us $'s 84!)each, a pittance compared to the purchase of Matahari as a similar kitten for Rs 14,000(U.S $'s350!) in August 2007 .Economic depression has taken its toll on everything including the price of doll-faced Persian cats in Mumbai. Initially i was offering these kittens "FREE OF COST" to my relatives and friends,but, strangely, all of them declined to accept a kitten as a pet, even though free of cost! Finally, i decided to sell them to the breeder since i just couldn't manage a pride of kittens in my small flat, besides, if they remained unsold or unadopted for long then they could wind up as feral cats unless i kept them at home. It was really a exhilarating experience of breeding matahari and successfully raising her kittens.I have kept one of her kittens from the litter of 6, the odd brown coloured kitten and named it "Matata".The reason i kept "Matata" is due to its odd colouring as well as it being the first born kitten of the litter,Matahari having delivered it in the bedroom without severing the umbilical cord or attending to it."Matata" was lucky to be alive as i had just returned home after attending the Sunday church mass and hence did a 'Vets job" of severing the cords and later also of all the other kittens as matahari was too confused and in pain, this being her first delivery, besides, domestication of pets makes them lose their natural animal instincts.Thankfully, after delivering all the 6 kittens, she showed the best animal maternal instincts with a little help from me and hence all her kittens survived to kitten maturity, rare in such a large litter.. Ultimately,Queen cat Matahari justified her costly purchase price of Rs14,000(U.S$'s350) by littering 6 kittens and hence paying back her owner partly in kind with "matata" and partly in cash with the sale of her kittens.On the total sale of 3 kittens i received Rs12,000(U.S.$'s 250 approx)",besides "Matata" is my own kitten, definitely a prized specimen which could command a minimum of Rs25,000(U.S$'s 520 ) or more in the International market of "Cat Fanciers" due to its rare colouring .
Stealing her food before being served !Eats from a plate.

                                                                                                 The pleasure of breeding and raising a "Pedigree cat" is the same as owning "Thoroughbred race-horses" or rare works of art, something unique and beautiful.Persian cats have evolved through various cross-breeding between the "Turkish Angora" and other cats from which the "Doll-Faced Persian Evolved".This "Doll-Faced Persian" was later further developed into the present day "Flat-Faced(Pekingese faced) Persian cat" that dominates the "Cat-Shows" in most country's and is today the "BREED STANDARD" for Persian cats in cat shows. Tragically , the "Flat-Faced Persian Cat "also called the "Ultra Persian cat " have a lot of "Inherited health defects" like "Breathing" and "Eyes Watering" due to their short "Muzzle face", and hence totally unsuitable for warm or hot climates like Mumbai.Queen cat Matahari has inherited more of the "Turkish Angora" genes and has long legs and a sleek body , hence very agile and "Leopard-like" in stealth and behaviour with her other 5 kittens that were white in colour inheriting these qualities and body structure. Her kitten"Matata" has inherited more of the "Persian breed genes" and hence has a short stubby body and is docile and less agile in climbing or jumping unlike his siblings who were climbing all over the house in less than 2 months of age.The difference in Matahari and her freak kitten Matata explains the development of a cat breed by human intervention over generations of "Inbreeding" and "Out-crossing" a particular "Cat Species".Cats akin to their preys rats are prolific breeders and hence most "PROFESSIONAL BREEDERS" having a huge cattery and breed some breeds profusely in order to get the best specimens of a particular breed which they later "INTER-BREED" for further creating a "New Species" with particular distinguishable characteristics.THIS IS HOW THE "DOLL-FACED PERSIAN CAT " EVOLVED OVER A CENTURY AGO WHICH LATER WAS AGAIN RE-MODIFIED BY HUMANS WITH "SELECTIVE BREEDING" INTO THE PRESENT ERA "FLAT-FACED PERSIAN CAT"
Fictional Villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld and his pet cat :-  A Serial Villain  played by different actors in the first   series of  "007 James Bond" film Franchisee.This Traditional Persian  cat actors name was "Tiddes" although nameless in the films, never ever called by its name.First appeared in the  James Bond film "From Russia with love".

  TRADITIONAL PERSIAN CATS IMMORTALIZED IN  "007 JAMES  BOND MOVIE FRANCHISEE",THE LONGEST RUNNING PROFITABLE MOVIE FRANCHISEE IN THE WORLD.:-Have finally seen almost all of the "007 JAMES BOND FILMS"  and utterly surprised at the popularity of the Traditional Persian cat in these films, always the VILLAINS harmless pet.
Thursday (21/6/2018) Summer Solstice Day. ANY FILM OR MODELING ROLES FOR CATS AND MASTER : - Watching the " France  v/s Peru " match on  T.. V :- Photographer House Caretaker M/s Sabina. Dias.

What made the harmless lap cat, the traditional Persian cat a "BRAND PET VILLAIN " in the initial James Bond Movie Franchisee, beginning in the 1960's with  actor Sean.Connery as James.Bond and Ernst Stavro Bloefeld the arch-villain? In  "DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER" the villains pet cat's sinister role   was partly responsible for the suspense and box-office success of  this film.A traditional Persian cat also features in the immortal Bruce Lee film "Enter the Dragon", again as the Villains mole.
Tuesday(6-1-2015) :- I AM AUDITIONING FOR THE NEXT "James Bond 007" MOVIE .HERO or VILLAIN ?
                                                                                                                          My Queen cat Matahari and Tomcat Matata are proud of their illustrious ancestry, although always the Villains mole as a signature pet. As a cat owner since 1995 , previously owning a albino Siamese mix breed feline named Trixie and now  traditional Persian cats Matahari and Matata have realized the reasons  for this breed  being a Villains favourite pet in some of the World's most profitable and memorable movies.Simple,their harmless nature unlike other fierce looking domestic  cats  hides their brutal killer instincts.My Traditional Persian cats Matahari and Matata never spare the life of any  lizard, butterfly, moths or  cockroaches that stray into my house. A few lizards have been lucky to survive being rescued by me in the nick of time from the jaws of death.I didn't notice the same "KILLER INSTINCTS" in my previous mixed-breed cat Trixie that was in our house for 12 years.Akin to a  lioness, Matahari is most ferocious and a cunning hunter, seeming deceptively lazy but quick to bounce like lightning on a lizard or insect if sighted.As for Matata her kitten,now a mature 3 year old tomcat,he is the ultimate definition of the phrase "COPY CAT".He mimics and replicates all the behaviour and characteristics of his dam Matahari!
 Spotted this beautiful free roaming cat  in  "MEHBOOB STUDIO" in Bandra in Mumbai  while strolling around  its palatial  estate on "Harley Davidson Rockers Contest' day. Hindi Film superstar Shahrukh .Khan and the Film Fraternity might be this cats patrons as it looks well fed and cared. According to "P.O.C(Picture of Cats)" Editor/Owner Mr Michael.Broad of London  this cat could be a "Abbysinain/Indian Wild cat Mix" breed.

.The rapid progress in "Genetic Sciences" as also the simultaneous decline in "Natural Wild-life and Big Cats"has now led to the growth of the "DESIGNER CAT". A tailor bred "Cat Species" like the "Savannah" has been bred for the "Ultra wealthy cat fancier" wanting to own a "Pet Tiger,leopard or lion" and ultimately settling for its nearest "Duplicate", the designer cat, resembling the original "BIG CAT". . The "Ashera Cat" which costs about U.K Sterling 12,000(Rs 94,00,000 approx ,2009 exchange rates!) is the rarest and costliest "Designer pet cat" having two wild bloodlines, the African Serval and the Asian leopard cat with a "Un-named brand secret" domestic cat .It stands 4 ft tall on its hind legs, weighs 13.5 Kgs(30 Lbs) approx and a average life-span of 25 years akin to the "Big Cats".It resembles a mixture of a tiger and a leopard, having spots as well as stripes and comes closest to owning a "Big Cat" as a domestic pet.There is also a controversy regarding the "Ashera" as some "Cat specialists" say that it is a modified form of the "Savannah Cat" another "designer cat" introduced in 2000 and costing less than U.S$'s 5000 compared to U.S$'s 22,000 for the "Ashera".BEWARE,THERE IS A LOT OF "CON BREEDING" IN THE "CAT WORLD".
There is a vivid and candid video of my 2 years 10 months old queen cat "Matahari" videographed on Monday(26-4-2010) at approx 0615 in the morning on "Youtube".To see this video go into "Google search:- Cat matahari". Since a kitten she has had this "Suicidal Habit" of walking or sitting on the window ledges with a tendency of doing these death defying "Cat walks". Strangely, even after becoming a "Queen Cat(Mother cat)" her old habits haven't vanished and reoccur frequently when in "HEAT". Her kitten "Matata" who is now 2 years old has "COPIED" all her bad habits, including prowls outside the house windows, a total horror view to us humans. To cats, this seems to be normal walks as wild and feral cats normally climb trees and walk on building rooftops.Domesticated pet cats, especially "Persian Cats" never attempt death defying "Cat-Walks", hence the unusual behavior of both my pet "Traditional(Doll-Faced)" Persian cats totally baffles me.Prior to "Matahari", i had a "Oriental albino Siamese mix" cat "Trixie" who lived in our household for 12 years(1995-2007) and not once did she ever venture onto the window ledges nor demonstrate any "Death defying" cat walks on the ledges of our house. "Persian cats" are considered as "Lap cats" akin to the "Pekingese dog breed", absolute docile and timid, besides indulging in lazy cat naps on chairs or the owners lap, absolute royal life-style."Matahari" and her kitten "Matata" have redefined the psychological and temperamental behaviour of the "Traditional Persian cat".
Monday:(28-10-2013) :- "Matahari watching a real life haunting mystery  on T.V :-"BHANGARH FORT ,One of the World's  Most haunted Places".

Bizarrely , exactly a year later from filming this candid video, matahari repeated her deadly window cat-walk again on Tuesday midnight (26-4-2011) at approx 0030 hrs.
I happened to wake up and go to the toilet past midnight when to my horror i spotted queen cat matahari sitting quietly outside the kitchen window, the same poise as videographed a year earlier.Definitely, a stranger happening to look at the 5th floor window during this unearthly hour would have mistaken her to be a "ghostly animal apparition", such was her statue poise on the precipice of our house kitchen ledge.No wonder cats are both feared and hated by some humans for their strange unexplainable "supernatural behavior".Wonder the reasons for this strange behavior.
"CAT MATAHARI'S UNBELIEVABLE HOUDINI DISAPPEARING ACTS":-Readers familiar with matahari's diaries on "CATSTERS" must have read the numerous times this cat has performed a "Houdini act' on us, its human care-takers.Queen cat matahari loves getting into enclosed spaces and hiding quietly, this happening numerous times.Once we even searched the entire building compound thinking that she had slipped out of the house only to later find her locked in a cupboard.This was the most frightening "Houdini act" of my cat but once on Friday(26-4-2012) she almost got herself severely injured.
In the morning i had opened my drawer shelf and had removed it from the cupboard for cleaning.This cupboard contains numerous drawers, each containing different items and at present my personal clothing.Later i put the drawer on its rack and on closing it found a bit of resistance.On removing the drawer my housekeeper Sabina suddenly reminded me that cat matahari was not to be seen in the house.Quickly i looked into the drawer opening and to my utter disbelief the cat was quietly crouched against the clothing lying on the cupboard shelf below.She had gone into the opening when i had removed the drawer making herself comfortable on the clothes, also camouflaging herself, hence i didn't notice her presence in the drawer opening while re-inserting the drawer.It was Sabina's presence of mind that saved cat Matahari from severe injury for she could have got crushed when i closed the drawer shelf.This is another strange behaviour of queen cat matahari that i have never observed in my previous cat Trixie nor in Matahari's kitten Matata.Matata does inspect drawer openings but he comes out and never tries to conceal himself in the drawer unlike his dam Matahari.On Tuesday(7-8-2012) matahari was suddenly found missing from the house at approx 1930 hrs, last seen playing in the house kitchen.Housekeeper Sabina and myself searched the entire house and i felt my worst fears had come true, Queen cat matahari had probably slipped from the kitchen window ledge and fallen five floors below.As i opened the house door to go to the building basement cat matahari emerged like a ghost, quietly walking towards us.This was a anti-climax of a real-life suspense thriller at the expense of us, Queen cat matahari's care-takers!I am still perplexed as to the manner in which she hid herself in our small one bedroom house and the reasons she does this unique "HOUDINI DISAPPEARING ACT". No wonder the proverb, "CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT". Queen cat Matahari has missed being severely injured due to her curious nature of inspecting closed spaces and trying to hide or conceal herself in the same on numerous occasions, absolutely bizarre cat behaviour.READ THE "CATSTER DIARY".
CAN QUEEN CAT MATAHARI SENSE MY PERSONAL MISFORTUNES ?:- I am personally absolutely non-superstitious but as a "Professional speculator" do have a sense of the term "LUCK".I have noticed a trend of cat matahari behaving bizarrely and the same corresponding to either a personal financial loss or bad health!At times matahari suddenly takes over to sleeping on my bed, refusing to leave, turning very lethargic in the process.Whenever she behaved in this particular manner it either caused me speculative monetary losses or worse, some sickness or mishap.I am coming to this conclusion after a series of events and not just a single bad week or abnormal cat behaviour of Matahari.Similarly, cat matahari sometimes suddenly transfers her residence to the kitchen, sleeping on the fridge top, the kitchen being the domain of my house-keeper Sabina.Dias.                                                                                                   WEDNESDAY(12-12-12),Once in a hundred years calender phenomenon:- On Wednesday(12-12-12)  suddenly early in the morning i felt a soft object at my feet on the bed,the object being none other than cat Matahari. Since Wednesday(12-12-2012) she has been following me like a dog, always wanting to get onto my bed.As mentioned she suddenly develops this obsessive fascination for me, my objects and my bed.I get very superstitious by this sudden change in her normal behaviour, very strange and bizarre.Wednesday happened to be the day which would next occur on 1-1-2101, and hence most people have a strange fixation with this date.Within a few days she would again get back to her normal loof cat personality,.Most pet owners will agree to the fact that they do believe that their pets have an uncanny sense of  sometimes sensing the unpredictable . In America a cat named "Oscar" has stunned the hospital staff and medical fraternity by predicting the death of a critical patient.Does my own cat matahari have a certain "6th Animal sense" that warns me of an impending personal diasater akin to "Oscar"? Science has still to uncover manny wonders of nature.Animal behaviour and extrasensory power could be one of them.Honestly, i am absolutely superstitious about my cats behaviour and as other humans have their own superstitious beliefs so do i.
Saturday(16-11-2013) :-WATCHING  CRICKETER "SACHIN .TENDULKAR" FAREWELL AT "WANKHEDE STADIUM ON TELEVISION WITH  CAT MATAHARI ON THE COFFEE TABLE AS USUAL. The "Black Market" price of tickets  for this last test match of  the World's  greatest Cricketer were selling at approx Rs 15,000 /Person for a original Rs 1000/Person ticket ! Hence, nothing like watching this "West Indies V/S India" test match in the comfort of the home.

DISCIPLINING QUEEN CAT MATAHARI(CATS CAN BE TRAINED):- As mentioned ,Queen cat Matahari suddenly took a fancy to my bed and the bedroom and hence i decided to experiment on training her.Its a fact, unlike dogs, cats are very difficult to train and never obey orders or commands as does a dog.Hence cats are mostly preferred as pets by women , childless couples and people who live alone, single bachelors like me who find it convenient to maintain cats as pets rather than dogs.I was previously a dog owner from 1976 upto 1994 and took to cats as pets since 1995 for the simple reason that they are easier to maintain in a small flat compared to dogs.Hence i can comment on the differences between owning dogs and cats having owned both, one of my dogs "Lucky" being a prize winning dachshund bitch at Dog shows in Mumbai.I decided to train Matahari to avoid entering my bedroom and occupying my bed hoping to be successful in my training.Initially i just started chasing her away whenever she entered the bedroom and squatted on my bed.I didn't use any force, just pushed her away from the bed or bedroom and later petted her when she went away either to the gallery or kitchen.Initially she did return back on being chased away, but, when the chasing became repetitive she totally avoided the bedroom.She finally took residence in the house gallery, the residence of Alexandrine parakeet "Mittoo" since the last 20 years.Since Thursday(16-8-2012) Matahari totally avoids coming into the bedroom although she roams around other parts of my house, including the kitchen.She spends the entire day in the gallery sleeping or doing her famous "Cat Balance act", sitting on the balcony railing and staring at the World 5 floors below.As for me, i am happy to have been able to train my cat to obey orders, something which most cat owners find difficult.Now only hope the psychological "Bedroom Jinx" of cat matahari is history. I now realize that the cat was just trying to find a comfortable place in the house for sleeping and nothing better than a soft bed which my superstition interpreted as a premonition of "Bad Luck or personal disaster".Queen cat Matahari is now very comfortable in her new residence, my house gallery and so am i, the entire bed and bedroom to myself.Who said cats can't be trained for obeying basic commands? Cat Matahari has proved that cats are as trainable as dogs although very individualistic in temperament and behaviour.The popular saying is very true, "A human is a master of a dog but a servant of a cat"! . Strangely, Matahari has again taken a fancy to my bedroom since Monday(15-102012) after a gap of two months .I chased her from the bedroom initially but she still kept on re-entering, very bizarre. On Wednesday(17-10-2012) she even sneaked onto my bed  while i was asleep and slept at  the end near my feet, her normal place when in the bedroom.Hope this behaviour is not a bad sign or she does sense the fact that i would be away from  home for a few days on a personal holiday.The holiday was excellent and my superstition unfounded.Cats are undecipherable.
Cat "Matahari" and caretaker Sabina.Dias.

DOES CAT MATAHARI SUFFER FROM "O.C.D(Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour)":- As a compulsive blogger and reader have been personally contributing cat articles of my cats on "Pictures of Cats" blog website, owned and managed by Britisher Mr Michael.Broad."Pictures of Cats" is the perfect website to understand cat problems as various cat owners and fanciers contribute to the site.Thanks to "P.O.C" discussion blog have finally come to the conclusion that Queen cat Matahari suffers from the sickness known as "O.C.D". Matahari has “O.C.D” problems as she over-grooms excessively to the point of looking wet and dirty. She has no flea problems and to re-confirm the same i got her bathed in “Flea Shampoo" on Tuesday(2-10-2012). Even after the bathe she began her habit of licking herself, thoroughly confusing and irritating to me.Otherwise, she is a perfectly normal cat with a habit of over-eating and a tendency to put on weight.Her kitten Matata, now a 3 1/2 year old tomcat is robust and never over-grooms his fur.He has an excellent thick fur coat and is a handsome specimen of his breed.Strange, the mother cat over-grooms while the kitten cat from the same lineage is absolutely normal.Both the cats are very attached to my house-keeper Sabina.Dias as she looks after their welfare of feeding and cleaning the bathroom of cat poop.Matahari the glutton is always on the look-out for feeding time and  responds immediately when Sabina rings the plate with a spoon, the sound an indication for dinner or breakfast.If she is seated on the balcony ledge and the "Feeding plate alarm" is sounded by Sabina  in the kitchen, she jumps down from the ledge and rushes to the kitchen.Who said cats can't be trained ?She is very intelligent and as is the common case with all cats, makes us humans  respond to her  behaviour!
Cat Matahari's  face near the "Infant Jesus" crib.(Friday 4-1-2013).

BIZARRE: AND SUPERSTITIOUS:- On Friday(4-1-2013) Queen cat Matahari sneaked onto the house crib and slept near the statue of infant Jesus.Every Christmas , we put the statue of baby Jesus in the midst of our hall , a family tradition for decades, akin to a crib.This was the first time that she  made her way to the crib and lay quietly, similar to a sheep.Luckily nothing was damaged which shows the stealth of a cat.Incidentally, i had just booked my train reservation ticket to Amritsar in March and would be visiting Kashmir for a skiing holiday in Gulmarg, dangerous places.Is this a bad or a good omen?Superstitious people would go crazy deciphering the cats strange behaviour.This was really supernatural and i clicked some photos as usual, my camera always loaded.Later had to lift her gently from the show-case to avoid any damage.Living with cats in the house-hold has its own suspense and fears.Many pet owners say that their pets have strange premonitions and hope i have a good Amritsar/Kashmir/Chandigarh holiday in March-2013. I will be doing this trip Solo, hence dangerous.
"ALL SOULS DAY(Saturday 2-11-2013)" at "St Peters Catholic Cemetery" at Haines Road in Mahalaxmi.

"CAT MATAHART'S BIZZARRE BEHAVIOUR since "ALL SOULS DAY(Saturday 2-11-2013):- As a Catholic "All Souls Day(2-11-2013)" is a very important day in our religious rituals.Had visited the "St Peters Haines Road Cemetery" at Mahalaxmi at  0730 hrs in the morning.Both my parents are buried in this cemetery and as usual the cemetery was crowded with relatives and  well-wishers of the dead.After attending the normal mass at the cemetery chapel i drove my way back home.This day also happened to coincide with Deepavali celebrations in Mumbai and hence fireworks were on abundant display, including loud crackerts. Strangely that night cat matahari slept under my bed in the bedroom, something she avoided after i refrained her from entering the bedroom. She disturbed us the entire night with her soft "Me-oow's", something she never did before, especially at night. It was normally tomcat matata who would "Yowl" at night, never ever matahari.The next morning she was perfectly normal, having her food and squatting on the gallery ledge as usual, her very normal daily cat behaviour. 
Thursday(7-11-2013):- Cat Matahari's bizarre sleeping location next to my bed.
                                               She again slept under my bed the next night and refuses to leave the bedroom, sleeping on the floor  in the corner below my bed .I will be touring Vietnam and Cambodia in December-2013 and Cat Matahari has demonstrated her bizarre behaviour. Do you believe in Ghosts and spirits ? Why did cat matahari change her behaviour abruptly after i returned from the cemetery ?Tomcat matata never ever demonstrates irregular cat behaviour unlike his dam matahari. We have always had pets in our small household since my childhood in Mombasa(Kenya), the pets being a extension of our human family.
Queen cat Matahari with the "Santa Claus Cap at age 5 1/2 years.(Saturday 5-1-2013).
A "SELFIE" on Christmas day(25-12-2014).

Normally, every year i pose with the traditional "Santa Claus Cap" but this year in 2013  its my non-human child "Queen Cat Matahari".Thanks to house care-taker Sabina.Dias for getting cat matahari to pose as the "Cat Model" while i photographed her. Queen Cat Matahari is  in the Happy New Year mood throughout the year, the ultimate cat life.Some cats are really lucky compared to their human owners !. Any job for Queen cat Matahari as a "CAT MODEL" in television or films?? Her ancestors are famous as the "Villains Mole" in the "007 James Bond film Franchisee".
CATS ARE CARBON COPIES OF THEIR LARGER COUSINS "BIG CATS" :- In May 2014 had been on a safari to "Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve" and was blessed to see 7 tigers in 4 safari rides  ! People normally see a single tiger with great difficulty unless billionaires and making up-teen safari tours inside the core forest area of a tiger reserve.I came across one such gentleman at Tadoba tiger reserve who stayed for a month and made almost 40 safari's inside the park with his Rs 10 lakh camera, a sheer hobby ! I was privileged to watch  a tigress and her 4 cubs  from a close distance and they reminded me of my cats back at home in Mumbai.The approximately 5 month old cubs were as playful as kittens, only larger in size. As for the mother "Madhuri", she seemed as protective as cat matahari was with her kittens. Read the link:- http://tadobaandharitiger.blogspot.in/ .

I can call my cat "Matahari" a "Mumbai white Lion cat" and charge a "Higher Price" for "Film Shoots",such is her freak change in behaviour and temperament compared to the average domestic 'Doll-Faced Persian Cats" sold in pet shops.

September-2014 : Cat "Matahari develops a abscess under her chin :- I had been for a holiday to Indonesia and had returned to Mumbai on Wednesday(3-9-2014) happy that both cats were normal.Suddenly within a few days noticed a overnight swelling under "Matahari's" chin and she resembled the freak "BEARDED CAT" i didn't take her to the veterinarian as i realized that this could either be a cancerous tumour or a ordinary abscess as she was eating her normal food.She yelped in pain when touched on that portion of her chin. After a few days the abscess burst by itself and a huge gaping wound appeared, akin to her throat being slashed.She gradually became normal although the wound looks dreadful.Its a deep gash akin to a cut by a sharp instrument.She is now hale and hearty although the scar of the throat wound is deep and a mark for life.
Monday(7-4-2015) Cat Matahari performs her "HOUDINI ACT" for the up-teen time :- I just happened to open my cupboard for a few minutes to check some items.After opening the cupboard  always had  with one eye on the open  cupboard while rummaging my briefcase. Later closed the cupboard and locked it. The cupboard is next to my desk-top computer and hence after closing the cupboard began work on my computer as usual.After a few minutes i suddenly observed my tomcat  "Matata" sniffing profusely at the closed cupboard which suddenly alerted my senses. I quickly opened the cupboard and hiding in the bottom shelf was cat Matahari.She quickly slipped out of the cupboard once i opened the door and luckily the house was back to normal. I have now lost counts of the number of times cat Matahari has slipped into a open drawer or cupboard and getting herself locked by us.What fascinates my imagination is her stealth in avoiding our gaze while quietly sneaking into a cupboard or drawer and also remaining quiet when the same is shut.What if she was locked for hours if i happened to leave the house for some personal purpose ?Strangely she is the only cat that  has this peculiar habit, a very intelligent cat that also loves opening doors by pawing on it.
Organizers & judges of  Mumbai Cat show 2014 :-(L to R)  Mr Shree.Nair (President of India cat Federation),Petra.Muller(President of  Middle East cat society),,Mr Johan.Lamprecht(All breeds judge from South Africa), and Mrs Anneliza.Hackmann(President of World cat Federation)

Mumbai has its first cat show.Saturday(27) and Sunday(28-9-2014) :- The first cat show in India was held in Bangalore on Saturday April 27th and Sunday April 28th in 2013 at the "Chancery Pavillion". It was a success and now Mumbai was awaiting its first cat show and the same was held at the "Stallion Banquets" in Prabhadevi.Mumbai had its first cat show on Saturday September 27th and Sunday September 28th conducted by the one year old "Indian Cat Federation" owing allegiance to the "World Cat Federation" of Germany.It was titled "Whiskas 2nd International cat show of India" as it was sponsored by pet food manufacturers "Whiskas".The venue "STALLION BANQUETS" was walking distance from my house but sadly i couldn't exhibit "Matahari" due to her abscess infection.Since it was the first ever cat show in Mumbai there were teething problems on the first day but the show was a success and cat owners/fanciers became acquaintances through their cats.Finally a "CAT SHOW" has taken roots in Mumbai city and this should be a annual event akin to "Dog Shows"

Friday (17-10-2014) "Whiskas cat food" fed for the first time :- Cat Matahari has been fed on a diet of "HOME COOKED FOOD" consisting of "Minced meat + Rice" and sometimes morsels of fish.This has been her staple diet since the time she entered my household as a 2 month kitten in 2007.At the "Mumbai Cat show" i happened to get 2 packets of "Whiskas Ocean fish", each packet being of 85 gms.I wanted to see if she would eat the jelly type cat food and to my surprise she relished the same.It is recommended to be served at the rate of 1 packet/1 Kg of the cats weight.This was just a complimentary gift and i don't intend feeding my two cats packaged food. Will only feed them in case of emergency.One strange fact that i observed was that although i gave both my fat cats only half of the 85gms packet they seemed content and satisfied.Actually each cat would require a minimum of 3 packets /1 food sitting as per the formula of 1 packet for every 1kg weight of the cat.Here i gave both the cats just 1 packet and they snored  to glory the entire day !

Sunday(11-10-2015 ):-Cat Matahari in her cage at the show. Next to her is the cage of Champion "Bella" with trophy's.

Sunday(11-10-2015)  5th International cat show of India :-A few snippets of the second  "International Cat Show India" held in Mumbai at the Bombay exhibition centre in Goregaon. I took my veteran 8 year old "Matahari" in her cage pinion on my motorcycle on a daredevil ride on the Western Express highway and the first to reach the venue at 0730 hrs.Got to meet old fellow cat aficionado's and owners and also new cat owners as its a very small "Cat show owners" annual meet.After the routine veterinary check-up cat "Matahari" was allotted participant "N016". 
BREED CERTIFICATION OF "Matahari" :- "Original Long Hair White Persian"

                                                                                               Got to also attend a "Cat Birthday" of 2 year old cat "Christina" with owner Mrs Meher. Ansari giving us a cake.Last year at the first cat show in Mumbai i was one of the "Unofficial Photographers" and it was nice to see a large participation of Cat owners and some different breed of cats besides the Persian cat. My cat "Matahari" sat like a queen in her enclosure and akin to the "Great Houdini" evaded the judges in winning a prize !The South African Judge Mr Anthony.Aldum commented on her "Yellowish white colour" stating that a white Persian cat should glisten pure white.The same can be attained by bathing the cat frequently which is not possible in my house as then there would be "Cat-Fights" between tomcat "Matata" and his dam "Matahari".The Judge also commented on her "Jaw-line" which has become weak due to age and gum- infections.Honestly i took cat "Matahari" as a mascot cat for it was after owning  her that through "Internet Correspondence/Blogging"  that  i projected  the idea of getting together cat owners to start a cat club in India .
Certificate of participation in the "International Cat show of India".

                                                                                                                                    The rest is "Indian Cat Federation" cat history with "Cat Shows" now being a regular feature in various cities in India..Hope they have a prize for "Senior Citizen cats" from next year.At the cat show saw a familiar old lady among the spectators and approached the lady and Confirmed if she was indeed Mrs Ratty.P.Jhaveri the secretary of "Indian National Kennel Club" of Mumbai.Memories of dog shows  filled me with nostalgia where my smooth hair dachshund bitch "Lucky" won numerous prizes upto 1994. After "Lucky's" premature death at age of 9 years i became a cat owner due to circumstances as well as destiny.My first cat was adopted dying kitten named "Trixie(1995-2007) and now its my two traditional Persian cats.Mrs Ratty.Jhaveri wanted to conduct a simultaneous cat show along with her normal dog show in Lonavala and hence had visited the cat show to get some cat owners to attend her dog show. I introduced her to I.C.F President Mr Shree.Nair and he explained her the rules and regulations of "Cat Shows".Hope in the near future  dog and cat shows are held together as in most country's including America.The Cat show went beyond the stipulated time and as i had to travel a long distance home decided to leave the venue early.Finally both "Cat Matahari" and myself  returned home safely in peak Mumbai traffic.
Later after a month on Friday(13-11-2015) received by post the certification  of cat Matahari and was happy to note that she has been categorized as "ORIGINAL LONGHAIR WHITE PERSIAN" cat. Previously this breed was always called as the "TRADITIONAL PERSIAN CAT"
Below  is the partial report of the conduction of the cat show posted to all participants by  "Indian Cat Federation" management.Beginners could get a idea of the conduction and method of judging a "Cat Show".
From Left to Right :- I.C.F President Mr Shree.Nair ,Judges Ms Irina .Sadavnikova  and  Mr Anthony .Aldum.

Dear Cat Parent,
We thank you for participating at the Whiskas 5th International Cat Show held on 11th Oct, 2015 in Mumbai. It was our pleasure to welcome each and every one of you (existing and new members).
About Us:
Indian Cat Federation (ICF) has been formed to provide support to the Cat owners and Breeders in India. ICF is a National body recognized by The World Cat Federation (WCF). ICF aims at working and achieving the following:
Educate cat owners & breeders, the right ways & methods
Bring together cat owners under one banner to look after the affairs of cats
Conduct shows, competitions, seminars in India
Issue certificates of breed & class of cats
Support activities for the betterment of the cat population
Stop cruelty towards the stray cats through awareness
Brief About the Show:
This being the 2nd Cat Show in Mumbai and high expectations from everyone, we put double the efforts. We always look forward to our show being exciting for all the cats and their parents who participated.
We began our registration two months in advance so that the cat parents had enough time to prepare their cats for the show and also offered discounts on early registrations.
We were honoured to have Two International Judges from World Cat Federation (WCF) Ms. Irina Sadovnikova from Russia and Mr. Anthony Aldum from South Africa; both of them being an ‘All Breed Judge’ at WCF. They were invited to judge and discuss about the cats with their owners, also spread awareness about cats including the Indian cat and much more.
As a mandatory ICF rule, each cat was examined by Vets from “The Bombay Veterinary College’ to ensure the cat’s vaccination was up to date and they were free from any infection. Then the cats proceeded to both the judges to be classified and allow cats entry into the competition.
Cats were allotted their dedicated cages with wet food sponsored by Whiskas, Litter sand sponsored by “Castor & Pullox Pets” store. Litter Tray, Food Bowl and Water Bowl sponsored by ICF... thus ensuring all the basic requirement of the cat was met during the show.
About the Show - In Detail:
On the day of the show, ICF team was eager to welcome cats and to our surprise we spotted Matahari owned by Rudolph Furtado eagerly waiting to enter the venue at 7:30 am, after enjoying her long ride early morning. She was calm and settled in her cage comfortably .
We had cats enter the venue one after the other starting 8:30am onwards. Shahab Ali, President of ‘Deccan Cat Club’, Hyderabad travelled to Mumbai with their club members and their cats to participate in the show.
From Mumbai we had many cat parents attending the show with their cats and some of them were attending the show for the first time. Amongst them were Sufiyan Salim Khan (10 cats), Mehnaaz Khan (8 cats) and Juwairiah Shaikh (5 cats) who participated with 5+ cats.
Devandra Purbiya brought Kitten Bubbles, Daughter of ‘Bella’, who is the first cat to win ‘Best Overall Title’ three consecutive times. Just like her mother she stole hearts of many.
We had an opportunity to see some rare cat breeds during the show.
Prince (Snowshoe) and Lucy (Thai) owned by Rubeena Kidayavettil, Thomas (Indian Billi) owned by Amit Sarang, Mitra (Siberian) and Zodiac (Thai) owned by Richard Mehta, Clever (Siberian) owned by Nadeem Shaikh and Badshah Khan (Exotic) owned by Saquib Pathan.
Other Cat Breeds seen during the show were British Longhair, Household Pet, Original Longhair and Persian.
Vet Check and Registrations began at 9:30 and by then we had almost 50 cats awaiting their turn to participate in the show. After thorough check-up by vet and classification done by the judges, Traditional Judging started at 1pm.
The cats were categorized as per their breed for Traditional Judging (Round 1) and then each cat parent was called one by one with their cats at the judge’s desk. During Traditional Judging cat parent’s had an opportunity to understand and discuss about their cats with these International Judges.
Each cat was carefully checked and a report written by the judges with comments on Head, Eyes, Ears, Body, Coat / Color, Tail, Condition of the cat and also giving them a Title which is important to secure to become Champions or Premiere in the coming shows.
All this while we had a number of visitors coming in as well - cat lovers, cat breeders, parents along with their children, some were inquisitive visitors who were curious to see the gorgeous feline participating at our show.

By afternoon, 4:00 pm Ring Judging (Round 2) started, in this round the cats are categorized in three different sections – Kitten, Adult and Neuter. Once this has been sorted 10 cats (max) at a time are called up on the dais so that the judges can take one final look to shortlist the winners. ICF Team noticed that the Judges had a tough time deciding the winners as all the cats were simply outstanding. Kudos to all cat parents who participated!!!
"LIVING THE ULTIMATE CAT LIFE AT HOME" ! I hold the "PATENT RIGHTS" for discovering "SMIRNOFF BLACK ORANGE JUICE" vodka with  some inspiration by living with my cats..Try this recipe of orange juice + Smirnoff Black. You will feel like "LETS DRINK IT AGAIN" ! Ha Ha Ha Hee hee Hee ?
Watching the  "Floyd.Mayweather V/S  Manny.Pacquiao" boxing  fight of the century live  on T.v in Mumbai.
For the first time in my lifetime got to watch a live boxing fight on television in Mumbai.It was billed as the "FIGHT OF THE 21st CENTURY"  with tickets for the bout at the "M.G.M Grand Hotel" in Las Vegas  selling at unbelievable figures.I couldn't believe my luck as well as the luck of all Indian television viewers when "SONY 6" Channel announced on Saturday(2-5-2015) that they would be showing the fight live in India on their channel the next day on Sunday(3-5-2015). The rest was boxing history and here i am watching the fight "LIVE" sipping tea while cat Matahari is least bothered of the frenzy on television..The  bout lasted the complete 12 rounds and Floyd.Mayweather won on "Points" awarded by the 3 judges.When the hype and crowd hysteria  normalized it was realized that Floyd.Mayweather earned approx 336 Million U.S Dollars while Manny.Pacquiao earned approx  224 Million U.S Dollars.The richest boxing fight in history and the highest pay-out in a sport.   
Tuesday(19-5-2015)"BREAKFAST WITH CATS" :- 8 year old "Matahari" on her favourite spot on the "Gallery railing" 5 floors above earth while i have my breakfast.6 Year old tomcat "Matata" is sleeping on his favourite chair next to me .This is a regular daily early morning routine in my house.The cats are fed early in the morning at approx 0600 hrs.After breakfast they go along their separate ways around the house . "Matahari" on the gallery railing and "Matata" somewhere around the house and usually on his favourite chair.Some cats love lazying at dangerous heights as does cat "Matahari"
Sunday(27-12-2015) :- CAT MATAHARI FALLS DOWN FROM THE KITCHEN LEDGE ONTO THE BUILDING PARAPIT :- Got up early in the morning at 0600 hrs and as usual switched on T.V. Suddenly housekeeper Sabina told me that she heard some "Meow's" coming from the Kitchen and that it was Matahari's voice. I searched the kitchen thinking she had hidden in a corner when suddenly i heard the "Meow " loudly and my worst fears came true.
She fell on the "LEDGE" from the kitchen window.

                                                                      She was prowling on the small ledge 5 floors from ground having definitely fallen from the kitchen ledge.The ledge is approximately 5 feet below the kitchen window and hence too dangerous  to  be reached by either jumping onto the parapit or using a ladder. A miscalculation could lead to a horrible death plunging 5 floors to the ground below as seen in the photograph clicked just after extracting her from the ledge..My years of "SHIPPING EXPERIENCE" in on-board ship safety drills  of  "Fire Fighting" and "Emergency boat drills" came to my aid as my house-keeper just panicked at the horrible sight.I quickly fabricated a "LIFT" with discarded  cycle  rubber tires as ropes . Attached the same to the plastic "Carrier Box" that i had used to cart her on the backseat of my  motorcycle  to the "Cat Show" held at the "Bombay Exhibition Centre"  in Goregaon. Gradually lowered the carrier from my window sill onto the parapit ledge and she quickly jumped into it like a trained cat. I pulled her up akin to pulling water from a well. Thankfully everything went well and on coming onto Terra firma she behaved as if nothing had happened and ate her morning food provided to her. Cat Matahari had performed a unbelievable  "HOUDINI" act Luckily this happened just at the break of dawn and hence the crows were not around to attack the cat and create a disturbance..She has utilized more than 9 of her "Cat Lives": today. It was a sheer miracle that she didn't go tumbling 5 floors below to the ground of Vaibhav Apartments.
Sunday(24-7-2016) :- A Candid normal day in my house.My house would be absolutely empty without my cats for intellectual writing inspiration and relaxation..A candid photo of living with my cats and their normal daily life and living while i am at home.Can you spot the two camouflaged cats ?  Tomcat "Matata" is clearly visible. I envy their lifestyle of just sleeping and eating while i have to earn a living !

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